Count Marco Guarienti Torello welcomes you to this place, where he will accompany you through a story made up of a bond with the land, of roots that go back in history to be born again in the fruits grown with passion and respect for times gone by.

Where the beauty of a refined context, made up of the neoclassical architecture of Villa Malaspina, with an English park and a history of nobility, blend with the wholesomeness of the lands on the banks of the Po River.

An enchanting natural environment and the ambition to create a perfect balance between the generosity of the land and a man who takes care of his fruits personally, to reward you with exclusive experiences in terms of flavour.

A world where yesterday and today come together in that natural elegance which only the nobility of the land can display.

Conta Guarienti scorcio di Villa Malaspina e del Parco

The Count Guarienti’s fruits

Conta Guarienti scorcio di Villa Malaspina e del Parco

Exquisite melons, sweet watermelons and sublime pumpkins, selected to delight the palate and honour the table.
An apotheosis of aromas, for an exclusive experience in terms of flavour.

The Farm


In Gualtieri, next to the Po River, is the farm where Count Guarienti takes care of every detail, from sowing to harvesting. Just a few hectares which produce unmistakable fruits, thanks to wise hands that care for them one by one.

Villa Malaspina

A neoclassical villa, framed by a refined English-style park which unfolds through amazing blooms, grottos and a lake of water lilies. A place full of history where today the Countess hosts weddings and memorable events.

I frutti del Conte Guarienti. Le zucche
I frutti del Conte Guarienti. Le zucche