Among the many varieties, Count Guarienti has chosen to grow those with the best flavour, capable of satisfying different needs: long-lasting fruits, for people who are unable to shop every day, small for singles, large for big families, versatile to arouse the imagination of cooks.

The fruits of Count Guarienti: melons.


Giusto the netted melon. The amber green skin envelops a deep orange and crunchy pulp. Particularly sweet taste and absence of fragrance: ideal for those who love the full flavour of melon, but not its typical smell. Its goodness lasts for up to 10 days.

Honey Moon the smooth, porcelain peel and orange flesh. Sugary flavour, persistent aftertaste, intense fragrance: a melon for refined palates.
Best eaten within 3 days of purchase.

Melons have low calorie content (33Kcal/100g) and are very rich in beta carotene and vitamin C (30mg/100g) almost as much as oranges.

The excellent Count Guarienti’s melons are also available in the elegant gift coffer: a finely decorated tin box, illustrated by an Italian designer.

The fruits of Count Guarienti: watermelons.


Crimson Round: dark green skin with black streaks, an intense red flesh, crunchy, thirst quenching sweetness.

Sentinel long: bright red pulp, tender, very sweet. Large in size, it can reach up to 16 kg, a delicacy capable of satisfying the whole family.

Mini watermelons with vermillion flesh, crunchy, excellent and ideal for small appetites or for those who enjoy them alone.

Thirst quenching, low in fat, rich in potassium (ideal for sportspersons and athletes), lycopene, beta-carotene and low in calories (30Kcal/100g).

Knocking on watermelons become superfluous! Count Guarienti uses methods which permit harvesting them only when they are perfectly ripe. For mini watermelons, the marking on the skin, with a letter identifying the watermelon’s age, and for other varieties, a system of coloured ribbons documenting their development right up to the ripening stage.

Watermelons: the marking on the skin and coloured ribbons are methods which permit harvesting only at perfect ripe
The fruits of Count Guarienti: pumpkins.


Sweet Mama dark green skin, bright orange-yellow pulp, and very sweet, with a characteristic aftertaste of chestnut: a unique delicacy.
Versatile in the kitchen, suitable for all recipes, from traditional to gourmet dishes.
Sweet Mama is available from January to April.

The pumpkin contains fibre and very few calories (26Kcal/100g), a valuable ally in the kitchen for tasty and light creations.

Storage: the whole pumpkin should not be placed in the fridge, but stored in a dry, dark place with a temperature between 18 ° and 22 °, so it will last long time.
Once cutted, instead, it goes into the fridge and eated within 3 days.

The fruits of Count Guarienti: the delicious pumpkins.

To taste the exclusive Count Guarienti products choose those with the “gold coin” with coat of arms, on each fruit.

To taste the exclusive Count Guarienti products choose those with the “gold coin” with coat of arms, on each fruit.

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Count Guarienti fruits are available from the best greengrocers in northern Italy.

Harvested early in the morning so they arrive fresh in 24 hours at your local retailer and can always be enjoyed at the right time.